Saguna Shankar

About Me

I am a PhD Candidate at the School of Information at the University of British Columbia (UBC). I am advised by Dr. Lisa Nathan, and am a member of the Information Practice Research & Design Collective. I am also involved in participating in and supporting community-university partnerships through my role as Community Laison Assistant (UBC Centre for Migration Studies), Public Scholar (UBC Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies), and Liu Scholar (UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs). My interests in interdisciplinary and creative methods of engagement also extend to my participation in the iStories Lab with colleagues at UBC.

My doctoral research examines how the use of data and digital tools shape information practices and processes of immigration to Canada. Information practices encompass the range of socially meaningful activities that people employ as they interact with data, information, and technologies in their everyday lives and at work. This project explores the varying voices, values, and levels of power in the information practices that regulate migration. Through ethnographically-informed and participatory methods, I consult with interconnected expert groups, tracing their concerns, practices, and perspectives on caring for newcomers' data.


For more information about my work, please see my Google Scholar profile.

Journal Articles

Greyson, D., O’Brien, H., & Shankar, S. (2020). Visual Analysis of Information World Maps: An Exploration of Four Methods. Journal of Information Science, 46(3), 361–377.

Shankar, S., O’Brien, H., & Absar, R. (2018). Rhythms of Everyday Life in Mobile Information Seeking: Reflections on a Photo-Diary Study. Library Trends, 66(4), 535–567.

Conference Papers

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Panels and Workshops

Kaczmarek, M., Tulloch, B., Shankar, S., Hoff, A., & Nathan, L. (2019). iStories: Reimagining the narratives of information research. Workshop presented at the 2019 iConference, Washington, DC, United States, April 2, 2019.

Given, L., Julien, H., Oh, S., & Shankar, S. (2018). What does the future hold for the information associations? A panel with the presidents of ASIS&T, Alise, and the Chair of iSchools Consortium. Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology (pp. 677-679). Silver Spring, MD: ASIS&T.

White Papers

Community-University Partnerships Working Group, University of British Columbia. (2019). Using memoranda of understanding for community-university partnerships [White paper]. Retrieved from

Shankar, S., O’Brien, H., & Fields, E. (2018). The role of information in WUSC Scholar settlement experiences [White paper].


University of British Columbia